With about 8 years of experience in real estate office positions and degrees in business management and human resources from Portland State University I am able to provide a full service experience to clients. The business degree helps me to understand the bigger picture in each, individual transaction, while my human resources degree helps to put me in touch with people in general. How should we treat others during business? What drives people to succeed? How is progress measured? These are all important concepts to me.

My number one goal is to provide my clients, friends, and family with valuable real estate information, guidance, and service. If you are looking to buy a home: I want to teach you the process from start to finish, because the most competitive buyer is the one who understands what’s happening and the details along the way. I want to set you up on a search so you can see what homes might work for you right when they become available. I want to be there to show you homes and help you write offers to purchase them. If you are thinking of selling your home: I want to provide you with tips that might bring more value, I want to help protect your most important asset, and I want to market it in a way that we can get the highest priced sale possible. I want you to know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and what the result might be.

Do you own a home and don’t want to buy or sell, but just want some tips on maintenance and information about the market? Call me! I hope to be a lifelong contact.

My goal is to be your complete, all-in-one, real estate resource center. Please let me know if I can be of assistance!



RE/MAX equity group


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