The Oh-So-Historical John Palmer House

Last week I had the pleasure of touring the John Connor house on Mississippi Avenue. If you’ve strolled through the Missippi Historic District you know it is a remarkable area..This Victorian home’s construction began in 1890 by John Palmer, a builder who settled in Portland. After a few short years his wife died so Palmer decided to sell the home. Lotta Hoch, an opera singer, bought the home in 1908 and she and her husband completed the property by adding a sun porch and bathrooms on the east side of the home, a vernanda, and a basement level. The details throughout are breathtaking! The Turkish themed bathroom, the butler’s living quarters, the wall paper and chandeliers, almost overwhelming.

The property is for sale right now and is priced at a pretty $1,500,000. Seems like a bargain for such an amazing piece of history. I tried to snap a couple quick cell phone shots (they do NO justice, shown below), but if you want the real scoop click the link that says “View report” to see the listing on RMLS. It’s definitely worth a look!

Listing: View Report




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