Terra, the oil tank hunting earth dog

A common inspection during real estate transactions is an oil tank search. The other day I got the pleasure of meeting Terra, a talented dog who works for EcoTech. 

Oil tanks were used in old homes as the fuel for the heat source. They were placed in the ground or sometimes in basements and contained the oil that helped to ignite the heating system. 

Oil tanks are no more! Homes now days are heated with gas or electricity. This is because the oil is not only costly, but it’s also not too great for the environment. After some aging occurs the tanks have been known to leak and contaminate the surrounding soil. 

When pending to purchase a home, we recommend oil tank searches to our buyers as a protection to them. EcoTech is often the company we call, and they have a shining employee over there that just can’t be ignored! 

Meet Terra, the underground storage tank sniffing dog! Terra has been trained to sniff out buried tanks so she serves as a professional woman-dog, a companion, and as EcoTech’s right hand lady for years to come. She is so impressive! Blows my mind how one can be so sweet, so smart, and so dog!

Check her out on Facebook under EcoTech LLC. 


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