Photography flops

Had to share this site! It looks like many real estate agents and sellers alike have failed at their photography gigs…

I must say, I’m sold on the one with the fox on the mantle and the empty bottles of boos.

It really helps to showcase the possibilities for use of space in the room.



You’re invited to our free Home Buying 101 Class

Hi everyone,

Thinking of buying a home and want to know if the time might be right for you? Come learn the ins & outs of buying real estate from start to finish in our Home Buying 101 class. We’ll break down the main steps and talk about everything from financing options to what the expect during the inspection period.

The class is free and dinner is provided. Let me know if you’d like to attend!

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Check out the Oregon Bond program! You could qualify for an incredible rate on a mortgage.

Have you heard of the Oregon Bond Program?

Created to help first time home buyers get into properties at affordable prices, The Oregon Housing and Community Services Residential Loan Program (a mouthful, I know) offers below market rate loans to qualifying buyers.

Want to know if you can get in on this action? Qualifications below. 

1.) You must be a first time home buyer or have not owned a home in the past 3 years to qualify

2.) You must occupy the home

3.) Your household income must be below the application limit

4.) No duplexes or ADUs are eligible for purchase

5.) Your purchase price must be below the application limit

6.) You can’t own other residential property at the time of closing

7.) You can’t use more than 15% of the area for business purposes

Download the pdf here: WM_OregonBond


Seems simple enough, right? I am certain there are many people who could utilize this program and unfortunately do not. Are you thinking of buying a home in the future? Meet with a lender ahead of time to talk about your options and what to plan for. I’m always happy to connect you with a qualified mortgage expert in your area- just say the word! 

*The informational sheet provided today is courtesy of Julee Felsman, lender with Equity Home Mortgage*

Hello world!

Hi everyone!

Thanks for taking a minute to stop by my blog. I’ve always wanted to provide my friends, family, and clients with valuable information they can use while living in, planning to sell, or preparing to buy the American Dream, a home.

We all have life long goals and a huge one for me was always home-ownership. Even when I was a little girl, I had plans for how I would save for my future home, how I would decorate it, how I would use it to entertain my friends, and what kind of family I would raise inside it.

Come senior year in high school, living in Salem, Oregon and attending Sprague, I decided it was time to dip my toes in the water and test out the industry. I got a job as an advertising assistant for two amazing realtors who were experts in the area and had years of experience behind them. I worked for Rick and Ande Hofmann at RE/MAX equity group two days a week and my primary job was cutting and pasting advertisements of listings and sending them to clients to let them know how we were marketing the homes.

It wasn’t rare that my job would take much longer than needed because I would get caught up reading ALL of the verbiage on pages of property advertisements. When I say all of the verbiage, I mean all of it. I would open at page one and read about every single property until I made it to the end of the Homes & Land magazine. It quickly showed me that my interest was not a light concept, I really, truly wanted to know more about Real Estate.

After about a year of helping with the ads, Ande assigned me a few new jobs. Eventually I was learning more and more about what happens behind the scenes for Real Estate Agents. I would help prepare Comparative Market Analysis reports to show potential sellers what value they might get, I would help close out files and prepare thank you notes for cooperating agents, helped plan events, organized a roster of listing information to have it readily available at all times, marketed homes, and was there to provide overall support to Ande on her busiest of days, helping with anything and everything I was able to do.

While working with Rick & Ande at RE/MAX in Salem I was also attending community college for a degree in business. Eventually my time came and I had to transfer to Portland State. I fought the idea of leaving for about a year because of how much I loved my job, but eventually school got the best of me and my time was running short. I had to get a job in Portland so I could remove the couple hour commute from my routine and move forward with my life in Portland. I interviewed with several agents and ended up accepting a position as an Office Manager for Karoline and Wick Ashley at RE/MAX equity group in NE Portland.

We are now the Ashley Realty Works team. I am a licensed broker, office manager, listing coordinator, and transaction coordinator for our team and I’ve been with the Ashleys for 3 years. We added a buyer’s assistant, Jess Priest, and we now feel like a family- helping each other as much as we can, leading each other on, and constantly growing and improving together. I’m working on my 9th year in the industry and I wont be going away any time soon!

The team! Pictured left to right: Jess, Wick, Karoline, Stephanie
The team! Pictured left to right: Jess, Wick,     Karoline, Stephanie

Half of my heart is in Salem, my hometown, and half of my heart is here in Portland. The purpose of this blog? To be able to provide valuable information and fun real estate tid-bits to the ones who are anywhere in between!

Thanks for following along! 

-Stephanie Fox

Licensed broker in the state of Oregon